The Cucina Italiana menu pushes the boundaries of Italian Cuisine by creating new dishes on a weekly basis and never deserting the traditional flavors of Owner & Executive Chef Enzo Mauri’s home town of Umbria, Italy.  He has always been inspired by the sophisticated flavors of Umbria, as well as driving him to never settle for any ingredient that is less than excellent.  Having grown up in the birth place of many of the worlds finest olive oils, his demand for purity shows itself apparent in the flavor-forward dishes at Cucina Italiana.  He has been coined a genuine “food virtuoso,” as Chef de cuisine, Cucina Italiana.

Inspired by the savory tastes of his grandma’s home cooking, Vincenzo, or “Enzo” as his colleagues call him, set out to introduce the authentic Roman-Italian dining experience to Southern California that his grandma instilled in his heart during his childhood. Twenty-five years ago, he relocated to San Diego, where he has demonstrated his mastery of cooking at several successful establishments, including Ristorante Pasquale, Tuscany Restaurant, Trattoria Ti Amo and Sante Ristorante. Enzo often explains, “people are the most important ingredient in life.”